Limited Edition is a digital design & development studio.

Limited Edition Website Design

We design world-class digital identities and competition crushing marketing strategies.

Our web design team utilizes brand strategy and innovative UI/ UX design to create websites that leave a lasting impression on the visitor. Optimized for sales & conversions, the website we build place brands atop their respective market.

Working with a development firm means there is no ceiling on your creativity. Our team of full-stack developers can take any idea and bring it to market on a live website or mobile application.

A stimulating visual identity for your business is what your workforce rallies behind and what your customer’s crave. First impressions are everything and leaving a lasting impression is where we come in.

Having an online presence does nothing for your business if nobody is landing on your pages. An excellent marketing attack is crucial to your digital success and our team is here to lead the charge.

Consumers find the businesses they buy from by searching Google. Our client’s show up first in those search results and get the hot lead to click and make a purchase every single time.

A digital identity isn’t strong without a presence across the major social media platforms. Potential customers vet you against your competitors based on what they find across all digital mediums.


Website, Strategy, Paid Ads, SEO

Logos & Branding

Forward-thinking brands partner with us to design & develop innovative digital identities & advertising strategies. Our team of designers, website developers & marketing experts take the time to get to know you and your business to create an all-encompassing digital marketing attack.



What we do better than any other web firm is truly listen to the needs of our clients and partner with them to craft a digital strategy that helps them surpass their business goals. 

We know what questions to ask our clients and by promoting a culture of collaboration where design, development & marketing seamlessly all work together we provide our clients powerful digital solutions for their business.

We call ourselves a solutions company and helping our clients solve their problems while growing their business is our benchmark for our own success. 

Limited Edition promotes a culture of collaborative workflow and an open exchange of ideas. This is what sets us apart from other design firms.

We work to build a lasting partnership with you and your business while creating disruptive digital strategies, together.

For our websites and mobile applications in specific we have a four phase creation process.

The Partnership: The systemized approach we take to UI/UX design begins with knowing what questions to ask our clients. Your brand is one of a kind and we take the time to listen and learn so we can create a unique browsing experience for your customers. 

The Prototype: Phase 2 is where we take ideas and turn them into a real working product that can be viewed and interacted with. Our team creates a working prototype of your website that undergoes testing and iteration to ensure a flawless user experience. 

Refinement: During Phase 3 we undergo the process of taking the beta version of your website and refining it to a fully completed, perfect digital product.

The Rollout: The debut of your new digital identity is just as important as the digital identity itself. There is an opportunity to set a precedent for your brand with the release of your new website that we will not miss capitalizing on. 

During Phase 4 we will create and execute on a rollout strategy that launches your new digital identity in a way that commands attention and sets the tone for your business moving forward.


We quote our clients based off the scope of the project. Our pricing is dependent on the project timeline, team composition, and final deliverables. 

We learn as much as possible about our client’s vision and business needs so we can create an all encompassing digital strategy proposal that lays out where our time and work will be applied. 

In our proposals we break down the work into an hourly rate so it is easily digestible for our clients and they can see exactly how long it will take us to complete their project. 

Our rates span from $50/hour for
designers to $250/hour for senior developers. We also offer special rates for qualified startups. Please email us to get a quote.


Absolutely! We work with startups of all sizes and enjoy helping early-stage founders bring their visions to life. Helping our clients grow their company is why we are in business and there is no better opportunity to help someone grow than when they are in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

We even offer special rates for qualified startups!  Email us to learn more about how Limited Edition can help your early-stage company.

Please send us an email with a brief overview of the project you would like to start with us! We’ll respond within 24 hours to set up an introductory call.

During our first call, we will ask a lot of questions about the project goals, budget, timeline, and other essential details. We have no problem signing an NDA if asked, but we always keep conversations with our clients strictly confidential. 
After our introductory call we will draft a proposal for you that lays out the scope of the project and a solution to each of the problems we discussed during our call. We can either email that to you or set up a remote presentation going over the details of the proposal.

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