Limited Edition, a Web Design Firm

I’ll be extremely honest about something.. and I’m really sorry Jim (the owner of AutoHaus Boulder) , but at that time I had never built a website for a client before in my life. Especially not for a million dollar performance auto shop with a team of 10 people. Everything Ryan and I were promising and ensuring we could deliver on was really only theory at the time because we had never done anything like this outside personal projects. I was absolutely terrified to take the project on, but sure enough we found ourselves landing the project and having to deliver on the “Competition Crushing Aesthetic Rebuild” (write an article or post this proposal as a blog) package we had proposed. And you know what? We absolutely knocked the project out of the park. I worked day and night on the website, Ryan was in and out of the shop every day taking pictures and creating videos combining our individual skills to deliver a digital identity for AutoHaus that now dominates the entire city of Boulder, Colorado.